History of Mermex

The MERMEX project started in December 2007 with an EC2CO funding for a kick-off meeting that aimed at defining the rationales, bottlenecks and objectives of an integrated research gathering the French community working on the Mediterranean Sea (Durrieu de Madron et al., 2011).


Durrieu De Madron X., Guieu C., Sempere R., Conan P., Cossa, D., Ortenzio F., Estournel C., Gazeau F., Rabouille C., Stemmann L., Bonnet S., Diaz F., Koubbi P., Radakovitch O., et al. (2011) Marine Ecosystems Responses to climatic and anthropogenic forcings in the Mediterranean, Progress in Oceanography, 91, 2, 97-166. doi: 10.1016/j.pocean.2011.02.003 (WP1/WP2/WP3/WP4/WP5)


French and Mediterranean biogeochemical oceanographers debate has focused on the current understanding of the effects of key natural and anthropogenic forcings on ecosystems (from coastal zones to open-ocean, from pelagos to benthos) and organisms (from viruses to fishes and mammals). Most of the Research objectives were deduced from the Mermex article (2011) in which ~100 co-authors presented current knowledge on biogeochemistry in the Mediterranean Sea and highlighted the uncertainty on the responses to global change in the 21th Century.