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Interactive tool to view regionalisation maps

Regionalisation aims at delimiting provinces within which physical conditions, chemical properties, and biological communities are reasonably homogeneous.  A comprehensive work conducted as part of the WP5 proposes a synthesis of the recent regionalisations of the open-sea regions of the Mediterranean Sea. The nine studies considered here defined regions based on different, and sometimes complementary, criteria: dynamics of surface chlorophyll concentration, ocean currents, three-dimensional hydrological and biogeochemical properties, or the distribution of organisms. 
The synthesis proposed here could constitute a reference step for management actions and spatial planning, such as the application of the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive, and for future biogeochemical and ecological studies in the Mediterranean Sea.
An interactive tool is available at the following link to view the different regionalisation maps:
Reference: Sakina-Dorothée Ayata, Jean-Olivier Irisson, Anaïs Aubert, Léo Berline, Jean-Claude Dutay, Nicolas Mayot, Anne-Elise Nieblas, Fabrizio D’Ortenzio, Julien Palmiéri, Gabriel Reygondeau, Vincent Rossi, Cécile Guieu (2017) Regionalisation of the Mediterranean basin, a MERMEX synthesis, In Progress in Oceanography, 2017,