TRACOMED (TRansfer of Atmospheric COntaminants to the MEDiterranean Sea)

The scientific question of this project mainly deals with atmospheric nutrients and trace metals fluxes and the transfer of those elements to the marine surface layer in the whole Mediterranean basin. In this respect, the proportion of potentially soluble ETM carried by the atmospheric particulate phase will be determined. To do this, experiments will be carried out from different particles originating from different areas and from Mediterranean waters of various regions. Those data will be used to feed various models “chemical/transport” to model the intensity of deposition at the surface layer and also to improve the resolution of coupled models dealing with deposition in the surface layer and the biological response.

The project also aims to widely strengthen collaboration between the Mediterranean laboratories working on the problematic of atmospheric deposition of contaminants and nutrients in the Mediterranean Sea. One of the main goals is to run a network structure of monitoring stations that would be able to define common strategies, common protocols for sampling and analytic methods regarding the different targeted substances. The requested budget will essentially cover meetings expenses and mobility of scientists between the partner laboratories.

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French PI: Dominique Aubert (CEFREM, University of Perpignan) & Benoit Laurent (LISA, Universities of Paris Diderot and Paris Est-Créteil)


Main partners : Maria Kanakidou (University of Crete, Greece), Jean Sciare (Cyprus Institute, Cyprus),  Raymond Ellul (University of Malta, Malta), Djamel Boudjemline (Université of Sciences and Technology of Oran, Algeria) Mohamed Labiadh (Arid Regions Institute, Tunisia) & Herut Barak (Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research, Israel).