PEACETIME Data Meeting, 6-7 November 2017, Marseille

Less than 5 months after the PEACETIME cruise ended, embarking and non-embarking scientists involved in the project will meet to discuss the many results achieved during the cruise and since.

This 2 day-meeting will take place at M I O on the 6 and 7 of November. 40 scientists from 14 labs will attend.

The goal of the meeting is to show, share and discuss all the data in a very informal way, in plenary then in small working groups, and start elaborating a common strategy to valorize our work. Projects of papers will be then presented in spring during the final PEACETIME meeting.

PEACETIME: Process studies at the air-sea interface after dust deposition in the Mediterranean.

For further info on the PEACETIME project, please visit the website: http://peacetime-project.org/

Contact: Cécile Guieu and Karine Desboeufs