PEACETIME: mission accomplished!

The 40 scientists who embarked the PEACETIME cruise all did an amazing work during that month at sea. The campaign departed on May 10 and ended on June 11 at the La Seyne harbor. All the work envisaged upstream has been achieved, including 90 CTD-profiles, 27 ultra-clean CTD profiles to collect samples in « ultra-trace » conditions, 27 net tows, continuous air sampling, the launching and retrieval of numerous float-profilers and lagrangian drifters, and many other actions. Congratulations to the whole team!

You can access the full mission report 

For further info on the PEACETIME project, please visit the website: http://peacetime-project.org/

Contact: Cécile Guieu and Karine Desboeufs




The team on board (the scientists and the crew)


The PEACETIME cruise in figures