MERITE meeting, 28th-29th November 2016, Océanomed, MIO, Marseille.

MERITE: Marine Ecosystem Response to the Input of contaminants in the coasTal zonE

Access to the presentations of the two days



  • Monday 28th November: half-day on the two MERITE sub-actions (Contaminated Urbanized Bays and Contaminated Fishing Grounds) / synergy between the sub-actions, particularly in terms of methodologies / implementation of the work program from 2017
    • 10h00: Starting Workshop
    • 10h00-10h15: Presentation of MERMEX Phase II (X. Durrieu de Madron, I. Pairaud)
    • 10h15-10h30: Presentation of MERITE project (F. Carlotti, C. Garnier, J. Tronczynski)
    • 10h30-11h45: « Urbanized bay » Action – Toulon Bay (organizer: C. Garnier)
    • 11h45-12h30: « Urbanized bay » Action – Gulf of Gabes/Bay of Sfax (organizer: S. Sayadi, M. Tedetti)
      • 12h30-14h00: Lunch
    • 14h00-14h30: « Urbanized bay » Action – Gulf of Gabes/Bay of Sfax (organizer: S. Sayadi, M. Tedetti)
    • 14h30-15h30: « Urbanized bay » Action – Bay of Marseille (organizer: F. Carlotti)
      • 15h30-16h00: Coffee break and group photo
    • 16h00-17h15: « Urbanized bay » Action  – HYDROTALCITE project (organizer: F. Carlotti, C. Garnier, S. Sayadi, M. Tedetti)
    • 17h15-18h30: « Contaminated fishing grounds » Action – transport/transformation (organizer: C. Estournel, Y. Leredde)
      • 18h30: End of the first day
      • 20h: Dinner


  • Tuesday 29th November: « Modeling » component, transverse to the various sub-action / reflection on the possibilities of co-financing by joint submission of projects under different call (EC2CO, ANR, Interreg)
    • 9h: Start of the second day
    • 9h00-10h30: « Contaminated fishing grounds » Action  – biological habitats (organizer: F. Carlotti, J. Tronczynski)
      • 10h30-11h00: Coffee break
    • 11h00-12h00: « Contaminated fishing grounds » Action – synchronization of actions within the study sites and between study sites (organizer: F. Carlotti, C. Estournel, Y. Leredde, J. Tronczynski)
    • 12h00-12h30: Transverse action on the modeling as part of the MERITE project –  Thau lagoon (Y. Lerrede) and Toulon Bay (C.Duffa) (organizer: I. Pairaud, C. Pinazo)
      • 12h30-14h00: Lunch
    • 14h00-15h00: Transverse action on the modeling as part of the MERITE project – Bay of Marseille modeling (organizer: I. Pairaud, C. Pinazo)
    • 15h00-16h30: Synthesis of exchanges and general discussion on the MERITE project (organizer: F. Carlotti, C. Garnier, J. Tronczynski)
      • 16h30: End of the workshop