PERLE meeting, 29th September 2016, Propylaea-University of Athens

The PERLE meeting took place Thursday 29th September in the University of Athens, during the MedCLIVAR 2016 conference.


Topic : Reflexion on a common joint expériment in the Levant (Dense water formation and spreading, impacts on biogeochemistry and plancktonic ecosystem)


Participants : Dimitris Velaoras (HCMR, Greece), Alexandra Gogou (HCMR, Greece), Baris Salihoglu (METU, Turkey), Hezi Gildor (HUJI, Israel), Mohamed Saïd (NIOF, Egypt), Claude Estournel (CNRS, France), Xavier Durrieu de Madron (CNRS, France)
Absents : Aris Karageorgis (HCMR, Greece), Giuseppe Civitarese (OGS, Italy), Barak Herut (IOLR, Isarel), Daniel Hayes (UOC, Cyprus), Fabrizio d’Ortenzio (CNRS, France)


The discussion showed that all the participants agreed of having a common strategy and work closely together on the topics dealing with the dense water formation in the Levantine basin, its spreading and mixing, and its impacts of the biogeochemistry and planktonic ecosystem.

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