PEACETIME pre-cruise meeting, 19th-20th September 2016, Villefranche-sur-mer

The meeting is taking place at BATIMENT JEAN MAETZ, 1st floor, salle de visioconférence


MONDAY 19th September 2016

9:00 Welcome & coffee

9:30 Brief introduction of participants

10:00 Cécile & Karine: PEACETIME Project: brief introduction

10:15 Andrea Doglioli: Suggestions for a satellite-based adaptive strategy during PEACETIME

10:30 Brian Ward: Stratification quantification during PEACETIME with the ASIP autonomous upper ocean profiler

10:45 Julia Uitz: title tta (Optics)

11:00 Karine Desboeufs: Atmospheric deposition and aerosol characterisation

11:15 Jean Francois Doussin: Marine vs anthropogenic gas in the Mediterranean Atmosphere

11:30 Karine Sellegri: Marine aerosol emission

11:45 Lucile Duforet: Use of the CytoSense in the framework of marine optics: to a better characterization of the individual scattering of phytoplankton cells

12:00 Antonio Tovar-Sanchez: title tba (microlayer/Metals)

12:15 LUNCH

14:00 back to the room & coffee

14:15 Anja Engel: The role of plankton derived exopolymeric substances for air-sea exchange processes

14:30 Emilio Maranon: Atmospheric deposition and phytoplankton productivity in LNLC waters

14:45 France van Wambeke: Bacterial activity and phosphate availability in the surface layer

15:00 Julie Dinasquet: Effects of dust deposition on methylotrophic marine bacteria and consequences on carbon cycling and air-sea fluxes

15:15 Anne-Claire Baudoux: Regulation of viral activities by dust deposition

15:30 Frédéric Gazeau: From mesocosms to minicosms: assessing the impacts of anthropogenic changes on marine communities

15:45 Christian Tamburini: Export and fate of OM from the surface to the dark ocean

16:00 BREAK

16:30 Francois Dulac: Tools and process for the Fast Action decision

16:45 Hélène Ferré/Catherine Schmechtig: Data Base MISTRALS/LEFE-CYBER

17:00 Discussion Group: Minicosms (Discussion lead: F. Gazeau)

17:30 Discussion Group: Trace metal clean sampling (Discussion lead: Thibaut Wagener)

18:00   END DAY 1



TUESDAY 20 September

08:30   Coffee (we’ll have also a short break in the morning if we do not run out of time)

09:00 Discussion Group       Atmosphere: PEGASUS sampling + deposition + aerosols optical properties (Karine Desboeufs)

10:00 Discussion Group       Marine surface continuous (Dominique Lefevre & Julia Uitz)

10:30 Discussion Group       Dynamics & MVP (Andrea Diglioli)

11:00 Discussion Group       Optics/floats (Julia Uitz)

11:30 Discussion Group       Water column: Mesopelagic (Christian Tamburini)

~12:00 LUNCH

13:30 Back to the room & coffee

14:00 Discussion Group       Moorings (Dominique Lefevre)

14:30 Discussion Group       Water column classic CTD sampling (France van Wambeke)

15:00 Discussion Group       Fast action (Francois Dulac)

15:30 Discussion Group       Outreach/communication (Carolyn, Julia)

16:00 wrap up and recap to do list

16:30 End of the meeting


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For more information, please contact: Cécile Guieu or Karine Desboeufs