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PEACETIME minicosms test experiment

Climate reactors to study marine biogeochemical cycles at the ocean-atmosphere interface: a test experiment before the PEACETIME cruise Coordinated  by Cécile Guieu & Frédéric Gazeau, LOV (Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche) 20th June – 1st July 2016, Villefranche sur Mer, France   Impact of ocean-atmosphere exchanges (such as atmospheric deposition, ocean acidification) on biogeochemical cycles have been intensively …

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MERMEX evaluation report and reflexion day (November 7th)

MERMEX evaluation report here The above document provides an overview of the programme and highlights the project and its development. The consortium of the main French agencies (CIO) intends to organize on November 7th two consecutive half days of reflection on: the integrated campaign organization in the Eastern Mediterranean in order to take a decision regarding …

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MOOSE Campaign assessment

Campaign_MOOSE-GE2016 Ship : L’ATALANTE Head of Mission : Laurent COPPOLA The global Mediterranean basin is now environmentally threatened both in terms of its ecological balance and its exploitable resources and water systems. Despite intensive research efforts undertaken in the Mediterranean Sea over more than a century, an integrated view of its evolution, viewed in the …

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2015 French oceanographic cruises report

The 2015 French oceanographic cruises report was drawn up by IFREMER, and more specifically by the SISMER (French acronym for Scientific information systems for the SEA; The document is avalaible in french and english numeric version on the Archimer website : It provides a detailed description of the role of the various players managing …

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RADLIT 2 cruise

The Radlit-2 cruise starts today up to 1th of June. Radon-222 and radium-224 will be analysed in-situ and continuously along the coastline from La seyne-sur-Mer to Menton, in order to look at submarine groundwater discharge. For the first time, a CTD connected with a SUNA analyser for nitrate will be also towed by the boat. …

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Read the second WP3-Mermex Newsletter

You can read the second Mermex-WP3 newsletter here lettre wp3n°2

MERMEX-VISUFRONT oceanographic cruise


DEWEX-MERMEX oceanographic cruise

DEWEX-MERMEX oceanographic cruise


CASCADE-MERMEX est une opération MERMEX/MISTRALS visant à étudier les transferts de matière du plateau vers le Golfe du Lion en Méditerranée.

Carbon cycle in the Rhône Estuary and Gulf of Lions, first results

Le projet CARBORHONE-MerMex piloté par Yann Bozec vise à quantifier et comparer les impacts des apports fluviaux, des processus thermodynamiques et des efflorescences phytoplanctoniques sur les bilans d’échanges air-mer de CO2 dans la zone du panache du Rhône et des eaux de surface adjacentes. Les premières campagnes CARBORHONE 1 et 2 ont été réalisées en 2011 et du …

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