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  1. PERLE cruises — 08/10/2018
  2. The journey of « Louise »! Following an ocean drifting buoy — 18/12/2017
  3. PEACETIME Data Meeting: first results underway — 16/11/2017
  4. Regionalisation of the Mediterranean basin (new MERMEX publication) — 26/10/2017
  5. PEACETIME Data Meeting, 6-7 November 2017, Marseille — 04/10/2017

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MERITE : Kick-off meeting of the project CHIFRE – EC2CO

The Kick-off meeting of the project CHIFRE (Coastal High Frequency Response to Extreme Events, storms and floods) will be held on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 June in  Montpellier at the Faculté des Sciences, Géosciences Montpellier. Programme

PEACETIME : News from the Pourquoi Pas?

The ongoing PEACETIME oceanographic cruise onboard the R/V ‘Pourquoi Pas? will provide the understanding necessary to accurately represent chemical exchanges at the air-sea interface after dust deposition and their impacts on marine ecosystems Twitter : Videos :

PEACETIME, 9th May 2017, Departure of the cruise in the Mediterranean

The PEACETIME* cruise is about to depart from La Seyne (France) for a 33 days cruise. Onboard the French oceanographic research vessel Pourquoi Pas ?, a team of 40 scientists will study the impact of atmospheric deposition on the ocean. This international and multidisciplinary scientific team will travel the central and western Mediterranean in search …

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PERLE meeting, 24th-25th April 2017, CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence.

PERLE: Pelagic Ecosystems Response in the Levant Experiment Download the minutes of the meeting   Attendees to the meeting : Pascal Conan (LOMIC), Laurent Coppola (LOV), Franck Dumas (SHOM), Fabrizio D’Ortenzio (LOV), Xavier Durrieu de Madron (CEFREM), Bettina Fach (METU), Alessandra Gogou (HCMR),  Dan Hayes (UOC), Elena Mauri (OGS),  Laurent Mortier (LOCEAN), Hasan Örek (METU),  Ivane Pairaud (IFREMER), Baris …

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MERITE meeting, 28th-29th November 2016, Océanomed, MIO, Marseille.

MERITE: Marine Ecosystem Response to the Input of contaminants in the coasTal zonE Download the detailed programme Access to the presentations of the two days     Monday 28th November: half-day on the two MERITE sub-actions (Contaminated Urbanized Bays and Contaminated Fishing Grounds) / synergy between the sub-actions, particularly in terms of methodologies / implementation of …

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The METMAR-MERMEX project has been accepted by the PHC Tassili program

The Partnership Hubert Curien (PHC) Tassili supports the Franco-Algerian scientific cooperation. The PHC Tassili aims particularly at training young researchers. It is directly supported and funded by: France through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI) and the Ministry for National Education, Higher Education and Research (MENESR) And Algeria, through the Ministry of …

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DEWEX-PERLE meeting, 17th-18th October 2016, Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse

The DEWEX-PERLE meeting will take place in Toulouse at the Observatory Midi-Pyrénées (OMP) on 17th and 18th October at 9:30 room Jules Verne. The program of these days is: Monday 17th October: MERMEX-DEWEX / HYMEX-SOP Morning: presentation of published, review or submitted papers as well as those in preparation Afternoon: discussion on the « synthesis » papers on physics and …

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PEACETIME minicosms test experiment

Climate reactors to study marine biogeochemical cycles at the ocean-atmosphere interface: a test experiment before the PEACETIME cruise Coordinated  by Cécile Guieu & Frédéric Gazeau, LOV (Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche) 20th June – 1st July 2016, Villefranche sur Mer, France   Impact of ocean-atmosphere exchanges (such as atmospheric deposition, ocean acidification) on biogeochemical cycles have been intensively …

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PERLE meeting, 29th September 2016, Propylaea-University of Athens

The PERLE meeting took place Thursday 29th September in the University of Athens, during the MedCLIVAR 2016 conference.   Topic : Reflexion on a common joint expériment in the Levant (Dense water formation and spreading, impacts on biogeochemistry and plancktonic ecosystem)   Participants : Dimitris Velaoras (HCMR, Greece), Alexandra Gogou (HCMR, Greece), Baris Salihoglu (METU, Turkey), Hezi Gildor (HUJI, …

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Research engineer/ Postdoc in Chemistry, HYDROTALCITE research project, coordinated by PROTEE and MIO laboratories

  English version Version française   Job advert (in French and English) for a 12 month contract of research engineer/ Postdoc in Chemistry – « Development of experimental and analytical tools to analyse trace elements in marine environment « . This position is part of a research project (HYDROTALCITE) coordinated by PROTEE (Toulon University, La Garde) and MIO …

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